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5 Stylish Ways To Wear A Fall Poncho

It’s at this time of year when it starts to cool down and that crisp fall feeling lingers in the air, that I reach for pieces in my closet that get me excited for fall. One of my favourite pieces to transition into fall is the poncho. Although I have nightmares of the ponchos I wore as a kid, this key fall piece has definitely evolved, having been updated with modern fabrics, patterns, and a more flattering cut. The poncho pairs well with almost any outfit and truly captures the essence of fall. Here are 5 ways to wear it this season:

Keep it Classic

Thefashiontag_Ref 21Photo via The Fashion Tag

Stripe poncho

Image via Southern Curls and Pearls

You can’t go wrong with stripes in any form, not even a poncho. The neutral grey and navy stripes of the first poncho stand out without being impossible to coordinate with other pieces in your closet. The vertical stripes of the second draw the eye down, elongating your body and preventing the poncho from looking massive. The booties bring balance to the poncho by providing some colour without being distracting or too jarring. (The bootie is a key staple during fall and winter and for good reason – you can literally wear it with anything).

Mix-stripe PonchoSimilar: Mix-stripe Poncho, $89.95 CAD, GAP

Play Up Similar Colours

Daily Chic_Ref 4Image via Daily Chic

I like how both of these outfits use the colour of the shoes to tease out the colours within the poncho. Choosing a neutral-toned shoe is a great way to pair busy patterns with colour without looking overwhelmed. The over-the-knee boot is a great way to wear a poncho as a dress, and instantly brings a warm fall feeling to the outfit.


Y.A.S MagSimilar: Y.A.S. Mag Poncho in Check, $43.88 CAD, ASOS

Layer a Button Up

buttonupponchoThis outfit gives me sophisticated-city-girl vibes. Not only is it a great idea to use a button up shirt to break up an overwhelming poncho, but also streamlining the rest of the outfit provides a sleek and elongated look.

Keep It Neutral

Keep it neutralAnother way to wear a busy poncho is to keep the rest of your outfit neutral. The poncho serves as the statement piece of your outfit. By keeping the rest of the outfit low-key, it allows your cape to shine.

Colour Coordinate

Fashionfinder Asos_Ref 9Photo via ASOS Fashion Finder

The last way to style a poncho is to colour coordinate your outfit to your poncho. By wearing all of the same tones, you naturally look more streamlined and less bulky. Use shoes, hats, jewellery, or bags as accent pieces to include some pops of colour.

Fringe PonchoSimilar: Fringe Poncho, $85.46 CAD, GAP

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