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How To Remove Makeup Stoppers To Get More Product Out

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When you’re running low on your go-to concealer or your favourite discontinued lipgloss, and you’re having trouble scraping out the product, instead of running to Sephora or the drugstore, remove the stopper! Removing the stopper will allow you to access a ton more product that would’ve otherwise been wasted.

You can use this trick on products in certain tube containers such as concealers and lip glosses. Don’t do it too soon, only when you’re really running low and you’re finding yourself attempting to scrap the sides of the container. Once you remove the stopper I wouldn’t recommend traveling with your product or even throwing it in your purse. Keep it on your vanity in an upright position to avoid any spillage or leaking.

How to remove the stopper:

What you'll needTo get started, you’ll need  your lipgloss or concealer, a makeup pad and a tweezer. I’d recommend using tweezers. I’ve seen it done with knives and scissors but that doesn’t seem like the safest, so grab your tweezers.

step 1 applicator

Remove the lid and applicator. You’ll notice at the top of your tube there is a small plastic insert that is snug in the opening of your product– that is the stopper.

Step 2 clean off any access gloss with a cotton padStart by cleaning off any excess gloss around the lip of the product with a cotton pad. This enables you to see the stopper better.

Step 3_ find the stopper ( the first line you see at the opening )Find the stopper (the first line you see at the opening). Work your tweezers under the stopper so that you can get a grip on the stopper with one prong in-between the stopper and the bottle, the other prong on top of the stopper.

Step 4_ get each prong of your tweezers on either side of the stopperGet each prong of your tweezers on either side of the stopper.

Step 5_ start lifting the stopper with the tweezers Once you have a good grip, wiggle and work the stopper out. It might take a little muscle but you’ll get it.

Step 6_ remove the stoppers and throw it awayRemove the stopper completely and throw it away once you pop it out. I tried this out on an older Almay cream gloss that I had used to death and was able to pop out the stopper in under a minute. Now I’ve saved myself a trip to the drugstore to replace it for another month or so.

Step 7_ Applicator can now reach more product

Bonus tip! Make it even easier for your applicator to reach the leftover product stuck on the sides of the container by using this hack: Fill up a mug with hot water and let your product sit in the mug for about 10 minutes. The product should somewhat soften and move down to the bottom of the container. 

Let us know if you’ve tried these tricks!

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