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6 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up An Hour Earlier Each Day

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I am a firm believer that some people are just born morning people. I am not one of them. That being said, there are so many benefits that come from getting up early, resisting hitting the snooze button and getting the day started right. It’s tempting to try and squeeze in every single last minute of sleep, but early risers have been found to be more proactive, agreeable and happier than night owls. Aside from that, an extra hour of the day gives you more time for yourself to get things done and set the right tone for the rest of the day. Here are the best reasons to put your mind over your mattress and hop out of bed an hour earlier each day.

1. Make your weekday workouts happen

After work sweat sessions can be painful to schedule in at the end of a long day, but if you workout first thing in the morning it’s over and done with before you even have your morning coffee. Get moving early when science says you’re most motivated, whether it’s outside, at the gym or in a class.

2. More time to primp shamelessly

Whether that means trying something new with your hair, perfecting your winged eyeliner, or developing a proper morning skincare routine, that extra hour lets you feel a little more put together when you head out the door – and for many of us, that means a little more confidence.

3. Stop skipping breakfast

If you’re skipping the most important meal of the day or sacrificing nutrition for something speedy you can get at the drive-through, you’re not fuelling your body or your brain up for the day ahead. A healthy breakfast has been linked to better memory and concentration during the day as well as long term benefits such as reducing the chance of obesity or diabetes.

4. Schedule leisure time

Start the day by catching up on your blogs, listening to a podcast or reading that book you haven’t got around to cracking open. Getting up an hour earlier doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start work early – leave your overflowing inbox for when you get into the office and focus on early morning enjoyment.

5. Map out your day for a smoother journey

There are two popular ways of doing this, the first involves making a list each morning of all the things you’d like to accomplish. The second takes a bit more planning – at the end of each day, list out the things you need to finish tomorrow and consult your “tomorrow list” every morning. Either way, this can help you plan and strategize for the next 24 hours of your time!

6. Connect with others

Try as we might, we don’t always do the best job of checking in with our family and friends. Take your extra quiet time to Skype with a long distance friend or spend an hour on a midweek recap with your partner.

How would you use an extra hour of time in the morning? Try it out for a week or two and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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