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5 Ways To Wear The Trendiest 90’s Comeback: The Slip Dress

Hang up all of your body hugging, curve-embracing dresses because sleek, loose-fitting dresses are back in. One of the biggest trends of the season, making a huge comeback from the 90s is the slip dress. Silk, cotton, nylon, slip dresses of any variety worn with confidence (and a bit of styling) are classic, sophisticated, and sexy. Read on for five slip dresses that won’t break the bank, and styling inspiration for your next event.

1. Slip Dress Paired with Plain T-Shirts

Mary SengImage via happilygreyThe casual nature of the oversized t-shirt makes the slip dress daytime appropriate, no matter how slinky or seductive it might be.

UB Black SlipShop: Silence + Noise Satin Hardware Mini Slip Dress, $59 CAD, Urban Outfitters


2. Slip Dress Paired with Patterns

SJImage via Sincerely JulesKeep the stripes or patterns neutral to avoid clashing.

LulusShop: Dance ‘til Dawn White Satin Slip Dress, approx $46 CAD, Lulus

3. Slip Dress Paired with Turtlenecks

Black with turtleneck

Another item making a comeback, the classic turtleneck. Give it a modern update by layering a slip dress over top.

UO Slip DressShop: Silence + Noise Deep-V Satin Maxi Slip Dress, $49.99 CAD, Urban Outfitters 


4. Pink Slip Dress

KendallA pair of over-the-knee boots and over-the-top fashion jewelry can add instant glam to your look and make your (inexpensive) slip dress look like a million bucks.

Zara Short Strappy SlipShop: Short Strappy Slip, $12.99 CAD, ZARA

5. Layer an Oversized Sweater Over a Slip Dress

SongofStyleImage via Song of Style – If your slip dress is simply too intimate to wear alone as a dress, try layering a large chunky sweater on top with the lace peeking out underneath to highlight the delicate details.

Lulus - Wine SlipShop: Clock Strikes Twelve Wine Red Lace Slip Dress, approx $56 CAD, Lulus

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