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Best Ingredients & Skin Serums To Try This Winter

winter skin careImage via Imaxtree

Skin serums are constantly ranked by dermatologists as one of the most important products to incorporate into your skincare routine. It really is an underestimated tool to getting great skin. Unfortunately, skin serums are often overlooked due to their astronomical price tags, and a lack of understanding about their purpose when moisturizers promise similar outcomes.

Serums pack a concentrated punch of nutrients, hydration, and antioxidants to fix the root of a problem instead of masking as a band-aid solution. A little goes a long way. You only need a tiny bit of serum under your moisturizer to reap all the benefits. Serums keep your skin’s surface moisturized and acts as a buffer of defense and protection against the elements.

Here are 8 serums to consider for any of your skin concerns:

1. Dry Skin

For lack of moisture, look for serums with hyaluronic acid which hold 1000x its weight in water, helping skin retain moisture by binding water molecules together. Ceramide complex also has hydrating abilities and the ability to repair and protect, plumping up fine lines and fighting free radicals from the environment.

Derm Institute Hydrating SerumSplurge: Derm Institute Antioxidant Hydration Serum, approx $157 CAD, Derm Institute

Priyana MD SerumSteal: Priyana MD HylaSilk, approx $103 CAD,

2. Fine Lines & Wrinkles/Anti-Aging, Prevention

For anti-aging prevention, look for ingredients such as amino peptide or retinol to help with cell repair and renewal. For a two-pack punch, look for hydrating elements to deeply replenish renewed surface cells with hydration, increasing skin elasticity and plumpness.

Elizabeth ardenSplurge: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum, approx $212 CAD, Amazon

OlaySteal: Olay Regenerist Advance Anti-Aging Daily Regenerating Serum, $26.97 CAD, Walmart

3. Dullness

Dullness is usually caused by a build up of dead skin cells or pigmentation from leftover acne scars or freckles. Look for products with glycolic acid which acts as a chemical exfoliant; resveratrol – a strong natural antioxidant that reduces pigmentation and protects skin from free radical damage; and vitamin C which brightens and reverses damage from free radicals.

SkinceuticalsSplurge: Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum, approx $214 CAD, SkinCeuticals

keihl'sSteal: Keihl’s Since 1851 Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, $54 CAD, Hudsons Bay

4. Acne

Acne is always difficult to treat, especially chronic acne that can be the result of diet, genetics or hormonal changes. To help with acne-prone skin, look for retinol which helps with oil production and keeps dead cells from clogging up your pores. Some products can even unclog your pores, helping other creams penetrate deeper and work better.

IS ClinicalSplurge: iS Clinical Active Serum, $130 CAD, Amazon

ReplenixSteal: Replenix All-trans Retinol Smoothing Serum 2X, $68.19 CAD, Amazon

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