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How To Stay Fresh During A Hot Summer Wedding

Originally published on June 23, 2015


Wedding season is in full swing! With hotter temps and outdoor venues, there’s a good chance you might be outside in the heat. It’s a bit tricky, since you’re likely wearing a full face of makeup and want to avoid sweating and feeling icky after baking in the sun. And I’m not sure using the wedding program as a shield to the sun or as a fan will be enough! Here we’ve put together tips on staying fresh (especially fresh-faced) during a hot summer wedding.

Refresh Your Makeup
Use these little handy sprays to reset your makeup. I’ve been using MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix+ spray around the 3pm mark during the work day. It’s a lightweight water mist and you’ll find your skin feels and looks fresher. It comes in a smaller size –

Keep Shine At Bay With Blotting Paper
I’ve had an oily T-zone forever, so blotting papers are my friend. If you’re going to the wedding with some girlfriends, they will thank you for this little sheet that instantly sops up shine. The Boscia line of blotting linens are lovely and they come in pretty packages – they’re super thin linen papers. Or I like the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (I’ve been using these on and off since I was a teen and you can easily grab these at any drugstore), which are more like a film. Another option to blot is MAC’s Blot Powder – this is another holy grail product that I’ve used on and off for the past decade! Instinct shine reduction with a few pats of a powder puff.

Prep Your Makeup
Here primers are more important than ever! My lids get get oily and on a sunnier hot day, my black liquid liner has a tendency to smudge. To avoid this, you’ll want to use a primer like the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $24 CAD. It’ll keep your eyeshadow crease free and your liner from smudging.

Put Your Hair Up
Hair against a sticky neck, the worse! Opt for an up-do/ballerina bun or try a sleek high ponytail. Check out this quick tutorial for a simple yet stunning pony.

Avoid These Materials
Check the labels on your outfit – avoid viscose/Rayon, silk, polyester and polyester blend and nylon. Choose natural fibres like cotton and linen – the dress above is a linen number from Anthropologie.

Stay Hydrated
Often, I’m guilty of forgetting to drink enough water. This is especially important on a hot day. You’ll likely want to grab that glass of wine over a glass of water. But do the one-and-one rule. Balance off every glass of alcohol with a glass of water.

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