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Introducing Clearly’s New Stylish & Eco-Friendly Collection: Main + Central

Image via @ClearlyCa

Main + Central, Clearly’s newest exclusive brand of eyewear will get you wearing stylish frames at work and on the weekends that are both eco-friendly and affordable. The unisex collection offers 6 different styles named after the days of the week. The frames are available in crystal, black, teal and brown coloured frames and are only $50 — so affordable.

A highlight of the collection is the fact that it’s eco-friendly, constructed from Natura acetate. Natura is a highly durable material that is biodegradable. It can be returned, recycled and broken down when you’re ready to find a new style. Customers will receive a $5 credit towards a new pair when they return their Main + Central pair back for recycling.

Each pair features spring hinges which allows the arms to bend beyond the standard 90-degree angle, so your Main + Central glasses will last longer and fit more comfortably. They all feel very light and easy to wear for a long period of time.

Monday… Straight-lined, rectangular frames with a subtly curved brow and shallow D-shaped lens. They may be the most diverse in the collection in that they suit the widest range of face shapes. They also happen to be my personal favourite, I happen to be wearing them right now, as I write this. Love them.

Tuesday… Known as the ‘nerdy-cool’ frames, the round shape would flatter someone with angular features and a tapered jaw.

Wednesday Oversized frames perfect for round faces, tall foreheads and soft features. The keyhole nose bridge is a good match for shorter, wider noses.

Thursday Oversized, angular frames that would look great on rounded faces and soft features.

Friday A winged out style is the perfect angular cat eye frame for someone with a tapered jaw, tall brows and soft features. So chic!

Weekend Fit for any occasion throughout the weekend, oversized glasses with a saddle nose bridge that will sit well on longer, narrower noses and faces with sharp angles. I love the Crystal clear ones in this style, they’re so fun and won’t detract from whatever else you’re wearing.

Ordering with Clearly

Ordering online with Clearly is so quick and easy. They keep you updated on your order and its whereabouts while keeping all your prescription info on your account, making it so straightforward when ordering the next time.

When you order with Clearly, you have the option of a few different types of lenses to choose from; Clear lenses, Transition lenses, Sunglass lenses and Kodak BlueReflect lenses. I choose the Kodak BlueReflect lenses for my brown, Monday frames. They are best for people that use their glasses while looking at digital screens and artificial lights such as phones and computer screens. The lenses will help reduce the eyestrain and glare that is caused by digital screens. I find them so helpful, especially if you’re like me and are prone to headaches and migraines after looking at screens for too long.

Which frame style is your favourite?

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