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And That’s A Wrap…Thank You!

I’m back! For my last Editor’s Note…

Where It All Began

Over 11 years ago, I started this blog on a whim, I wanted to start writing again and had recently heard about blogs. I racked my brain about what I wanted to write about and was knowledgable about and came to the conclusion, it was shopping! I was that friend that who held random obscure shopping knowledge – if we shopped together two years earlier and you’d ask me about that wool coat you tried on, I would remember the place, the brand and what we thought about it in that moment. That’s a skill right?

Media was also another love of mine. In the second grade, I started a school newspaper, which included movie reviews stolen from the local paper – I didn’t quite understand what plagiarism was back then. In high school, I was the voice you’d hear over the P.A. system, sharing the morning announcements on what was happening that day. And my dream career growing up? I wanted to become an evening newscaster. Looking back, it wasn’t a surprise that I would be intrigued with the idea of starting a blog.

11 Years and 6,029 Posts Later

As I scroll through the old blog posts, I see a first post of September 11, 2006. There’s 6,029 posts in The Style Spy archives. Now that’s a serious library of blogs, thoughts, recommendations, advice and tips. Reflecting, it’s been a truly life changing journey. You see, I owe a lot to The Style Spy – my career, my circle of friends, my life experiences, so much has been intertwined and related to that decision I made 11 years ago to start a blog. For the Day Ones, you’ll know that I first starting blogging on LiveJournal and that The Style Spy used to be called Shopaholic Vancouver.

I knew I was onto something when I would go home each night and dive into writing blogs – I started seeing people comment and began to understand how this was becoming a community. People were reading! Then I kind of just dived in, how can I make this something more? What that more was, I had no idea! Back then, the term “influencer” hadn’t been coined yet and if you told someone you wrote a blog, you’d either get a blank look or a lot of times, disregard cause it wasn’t a legitimate form of a media. Needless to say it’s been mind-blowing to see the rise of influencers and the changes in the media landscape.

Fast forward 11 years later, I realize I got to do some pretty awesome and amazing things through The Style Spy. With one of the most rewarding things being the people who have been involved along the way. I knew early on I wanted The Style Spy to be a collective of voices and each person would have to have The Style Spy energy – what was that? A voice that others could relate to and connect with – someone that you could see as your own friend, someone you could hang with and really go shopping with, no egos – you had to be genuine cause I wanted this to be an inclusive space. As a reader, I hope you felt that throughout the years.

Why, Oh Why? The Hard Part

Why is it time to stop running The Style Spy? It’s been something I’ve been struggling with the past couple years. My interests started to change in my life and I wanted to live offline a lot more, save time and space for my personal life and I wanted to focus on a new career. It became harder to give everything I wanted to the site like I had in the earlier years, which tugged at me – cause to grow, you really do have to invest, reinvent and hustle. The online landscape has also changed so much, from longer form blogs to shorter-form social content. After many heart to hearts with Jan, I finally decided it was time to move on. It’s sad, but at the same time, I’m excited about what’s up ahead and what I’ll be letting into my life. And who knows, I have an entrepreneurial spirit, so I can see myself journeying out again, it’ll just be in another reiteration.

The Thank-Yous

Contributors came on board throughout the years and I’m very thankful to them for lending their talent and voice and being part of this collective. I’ve been lucky too – a lot of these people would go onto become some of my best friends.

Jan, our Managing Editor has been with The Style Spy for 10 years. I first met Jan right before she was moving to New York to study at FIT. She’d taken a leave from her job and was going to embark on a dream of hers. Jan and I would tag team for many years on The Style Spy – she’s very low key and humble – I always want to scream out loud and tell everyone about how integral she is and has been to the site. Thank you Jan, you’ve been the backbone for years and I want you to know how much I appreciate your support and dedication.

The current team: Orane, Caitlyn, Courtney C and Winnie. You’re beyond talented and I’m so thankful to have you be part of this journey. Recently Caitlyn reflected on how she’s been part of The Style Spy for 5 years – that’s a lifetime in the world of social media/blogs. To contributors in the past, thank you so much. Meagan, Charlotte, Caitlin, Ali, Tessa, Georgia, Aliyah, Eman, Nicole S, Heidi, Lydia, Patrick, Adam, Ishra, Roya, Melissa, Rose, Sophie, Whitney, Zoe, Tiffany, Carly, Jodi, Kreag, Carmelle, Nicole H, Priya, Ashley, May, Rebecca, Leah, Christie, Adrienne, Justine, Alim. And if I missed anyone, I’m so sorry, 11 years is a long time!

In the early years, The Style Spy was also heavily involved in hosting events, those were some really fun years! Cassie, Arpen, Sangita, Angela, Vinnie, Amara, Vivian, Frankie – thank you for being part of those memories. And to everyone who helped in some way, Minna and The Network Hub (where I co-worked for many years), the designers and developers (Pound & Grain, Mike, T.Y., Dale), the brand partners/client/publicists and the overall cheerleaders and supporters – a huge huge thank you!

Last, but not least, you the readers. I get asked what the best part of running The Style Spy is. A common response I give for that question is that it’s the best feeling when someone I meet tells me they read the site and that they’ve been fans of it for many years. That’s really one of the sweetest feelings – to know that what you’re doing is being appreciated by someone. So thank you, whether you’re a Day One reader or you’re relatively new, thank you for taking the time out of your day to be part of this community – every blog you’ve read, every event you’ve attended, every contest you’ve entered, every like/comment/share – it’s much appreciated. If we cross paths one day, don’t be hesitant to say hi!

Lots of love & all the best,


P.S. The site itself will stay online indefinitely! We just won’t be updating anymore starting today.

If you want to reflect on the past 11 years, I’ve created a post on The Best Style Spy Memories. Also, don’t forget to read Jan’s post!





Reader's Comments

  1. You’re an inspiration E. Lam who paved the way for many. Love that your leading still and always by your heart. It will never fail you. xTaya

  2. Thanks so much Erica. I’ve enjoyed following your blogs. My daughter got me onto it many, many years ago. I’m in my 50’s now and your blog helped me stay current with the fashions. All the best in your future endeavours.

    Berni Hansen.

  3. Thank you for the shout out!! It was so much fun getting involved with the Style Spy. Best of luck with whatever your next endeavor is and hope to catch up sometime 🙂

  4. The end of an era….! Congrats, Erica, on everything you’ve done, and being confident enough to know when to move on. Let’s catch up soon!

  5. Amazing Miss Erica. Can’t wait to see your next chapter and your new amazing adventures. xo T

  6. I started reading your blogs back on LJ– what a bittersweet ending and congratulations on your success all these years. <3

  7. From our very first school newsletter together to this chapter, I’ve always been and forever will be proud of you!


  8. From our very first school newsletter together, growing up in east Van to this amazing chapter, I have, and will always be, so incredibly proud of you.

    Here’s to the next step! Congrats Erica!


  9. Heart shattering

  10. Wishing you all the best with your new ventures. Xoxo- Dylan & Myelle Kabani????

  11. ive been a reader of the style spy since 2007!! literally been watching this site grow! best of luck! fave memory was winning a roxy dress! thank you for the awesome posts and inspirations <3 vancouver gal

  12. Thank you. I only recently discovered your blog. I wish you all well, and lament the decline in long-form blogs. Everything is GD Insta or Snap…smh. It has destroyed people’s attention spans, I believe, caused less courtesy and everything else that is going wrong with society. People don’t want to take time for blogs like yours anymore, and increasingly time for ANYONE. As a late 30smthg, I feel like a Luddite and am inclined to move abroad at this point because as much as I love technology, I am not of this world—OK, slight exaggeration. I love the internet, but relish the personal in-person relationships that are now at risk. Hope springs eternal, and there are still amazing people out there, I just feel disappointed in how we are no longer really taking time for each other like they used to. Even when I hang out with so-called friends, I am so annoyed because some arse at some point has to pull out their phone and tell us how we HAVE to see xyz123. If it is not a phone, it is someone hijacking a convo, something I really abhor, just to get attention. The art of conversation seems so lost, to me–and this blog ending is part of that, I feel. Thanks for reading…please forgive my Debbie Downness. xoxo.

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