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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…

As I reflect on the last 10 plus (!!!) years working at The Style Spy, as cliched as it may sound, such endings can only be described as bittersweet.

When I first met Erica in 2007 at a local coffee shop to discuss writing for The Style Spy, what I assumed would just be a quick meet and greet (you know, just to make sure I wasn’t weird) turned into a 2+ hour discussion about our love for shopping and fashion. We immediately clicked in one of those rare moments when everything feels aligned in the universe. I had no wild ideas or expectations as to what would come from the opportunity but I knew that I had a knack for writing and an intense love for shopping that needed to be channeled for good.

Back in the “old” days, there was no Instagram, online shopping was in its infancy and it was actually quite challenging to recommend products on the site that were easily accessible in Canada and available in Canadian pricing. But week after week, I scoured the mall and magazines for the latest trends and fab finds. Writing blog post after blog post energized me and fulfilled me in ways that my regular job wasn’t able to.

Ten incredible years later, it’s been a blur but it’s amazing how far we’ve come. I’ve always been incredibly proud of the site and the little niche we’ve carved in the Canadian blogosphere. I’m also so grateful that this little side hustle advanced my skills and helped me land positions in my 9 to 5 life. Fun fact: It was when I became Managing Editor that I learned how to use WordPress, manage a content calendar and oversee a roster of contributors. All of these skills still serve me well in my current gig as an editor and continue to fuel my passion for creating great content.

There is of course much I’ll miss about about working on The Style Spy. But notably, I’ll miss the camaraderie and the enthusiastic fashion chatter about things like the latest nail polish hues, the best skincare products or the harsh truth of just how limiting a capsule wardrobe can be. I’ll miss brainstorming and jamming with Erica at our editors’ meetings, riffling through loads of product samples and dreaming up all the things we wanted to share on the site. 

Over the years, we’ve seen contributors join and leave the team. But whether they stayed with us for a few months or several years, Team Style Spy has always been made up of an inclusive group of girls who are down to earth, professional, hardworking, hilarious and wickedly smart.

To the A-team Caitlyn, Courtney, Orane and Winnie: Thank you for your incredible dedication and hard work, week in and week out. Keep writing and doing what you do. I hope what you gained at The Style Spy helps you in your professional life and proves as rewarding for you as it was for me. Erica, you’ve been our fearless leader all these years and I’ve long admired your passion, entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic and sharp eye for this business. You are the original girl boss through and through. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

To our readers: Whether you started reading The Style Spy a few years ago or you’ve been with us since the beginning, thank you for visiting us on this lil’ corner of the internet. While we’ve always written about what we love, this site has always been about you and wanting to share the latest and greatest with you. It’s so hard to say goodbye…so let this not be goodbye but a sincere THANK YOU from me to you for being a loyal reader and being a part of the last 10+ years.

Managing Editor 

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  1. Awe! I loved your blog and followed it almost since its inception! The variety of topics you covered on your blog is amazing! I’m really going to miss this blog and the fact that its fully Canadian! (Us Canadian girls know how hard it is to shop online)

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