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11 Useful Tips When Travelling In Japan

I'm just coming off a 12-day vacation in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo & a few places in between) and cannot stop thinking about the kind people, the rich culture and the food, oh the food was delicious. This was my first trip to Japan and I learned some handy tips when travelling in Japan. Here's a list to help you along on your journeys.

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My 5 Favourite Travel Spots & How To Get More Travel In Your Life

One of the best feelings is stepping off a plane and realizing you're at a new destination that you're about to explore. Every time this happens, I make a mental note - TRAVEL MORE. Cause really, these kind of experiences are irreplaceable, and what you discover and do will make for a lifetime of memories and stories. Now the question can you get more travel into your life?

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