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Charmed Life

I’ll take another margarita on the rocks, please. How do you want to remember your summer? Lazy days at the beach? A weekend getaway in LA? Or a family retreat at your summer home on Bowen Island? Pick up a charm from Tiffany’s Summer Charm...

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She’s No Factory Girl

There’s no denying Sienna Miller is one stylish gal. And even though the trendsetter may not be in the spotlight as much these days, she still inspires. From total bohemian to London chic, I find myself noticing Miss Miller all over again. So just what...

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Mummy’s Day

She grounded you in high school for sneaking out à la Little J. You roll your when she calls you to remind you for the umpteenth time about coming home for dinner. And you blame your shopping addiction on the constant trips to the mall...

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